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Thanks to the fact that the Kraken sells prohibited goods and provides illegal services It may seem to a simple layman that the darknet is a territory where anarchy and lawlessness reign. In fact, everything is absolutely not so. The administration of the marketplace strictly monitors the behavior of customers and the honesty of stores, and all trade and money relations are strictly structured and transparent. In addition, there is a whole set of unshakable rules, violating which, the user gets banned and can no longer enter the site.

Kraken Rules

1. It is forbidden to register an account under a nickname similar to the nicknames of other users and administration for their subsequent discrimination.
2. It is forbidden to send spam and leave links to third-party resources in comments and reviews for the purpose of their hidden advertising.
3. Insults with the use of profanity by both the seller and the buyer are prohibited.
4. It is forbidden to post materials related to child pornography or violence on the kraken dark net.
5. The buyer is obliged, after the completion of the transaction, to leave a review about the seller, which forms the rating of the store. If the transaction is closed and no feedback has been left within 24 hours, the rating automatically increases in a positive direction.
6.All disputes on the Kraken are resolved through arbitration.